Top 5: Books that Became Movies

1. Jurassic Park: While the movie was really nothing like the book both were spectacular in their delivery. In the book there are more characters, deeper story lines, and the answers to many of the questions asked while watching the movie. This also applies to the second Jurassic Park book which also became a movie. Both are great books completely worth a read if you liked either of the movies.

2. The Life of Pi: The movie in this case managed to keep very closely to the book, only leaving out the little details that were not completely necessary. It great to watch on the big screen because I got to see all of the beautiful scenes the author had painted while writing the book. If you haven't seen the movie yet, or even if you have, this is a book worth reading.

3. The Hobbit: A lot of critiques who have read the books then saw the movie has hated the movies because they took a small book and then turned it into a three part movie. I for one like to see the movie and the book as separate entities in this case. The movie kept the general ideas of the book but added its own details that gave it a better story that we could watch over three years. I liked the Hobbit better than the actual Lord of the Rings trilogy because it was not so drawn out. Bilbo's story of what lead up to the original books had much more character interest for me. If you liked the original movies then you will love this book.

4. John Dies at the End: As many of you know I absolutely love this book. I have never seen the movie personally but I hear it is just as messed up and confusing as the book. I find it hard to believe that the movie could live up to the full length and insanity of the book but I can't really talk. But either way this book was amazing and the movie can't be so awful that it fall behind Twilight of something.

5. The Maze Runner: Only just read this book and saw the movie with my boyfriend. I was happy that the characters and the movie itself lived up to the book. Both the movie and the book managed to capture the attention of most viewers since it was action packed and an original idea. With the movie becoming as popular as the hunger games (maybe not so much) more and more people are reading the books. I personally did not care much for the Hunger Games movie or the books in comparison to this. So give this book a read or watch the movie. As far as I am concerned they are almost the same thing.


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