Top 5: Series Worth a Read

1. Harry Potter: I don't even need to say anything about this one... but I will. A great series that ignited the love of reading in millions all across the world. From the youngest of children to the oldest of adults this book is read and enjoyed. It is a long series with great movies that very few have been unable to get through. If you are looking for a nice long series that you can read over a choosable period of time this is the series for you.

2. The Lord of the Rings: An older classic this is. This includes the Hobbit, which most read after the original three books. This series also comes with a movie that is almost more interesting than the books depending on who you ask. With the Hobbit now becoming a movie trilogy there is all the more reason to do a marathon of reading the books and watching the movies. Just a bit of a warning though, the original series is long and more drawn out than the movie with less 'action' scenes. If you plan on reading the trilogy in a short period of time you will really need to get into it.

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events: Another longer series with an original set of characters. With a good amount of books in the series, but still a reasonable length, it offers a decent read that can be read in comfort. The Villains are slightly childish but it is a youth reading so that is to be expected. With a movie made once (not a very good one) it offers a different look at the story for those who have read it.

4. The Maze Runner: A bit more than a trilogy this book has been made into a movie with the second coming soon as far as I know. This post apocalypse series has tons of twists that you sort of expected but still didn't really see coming. The characters are memorable and the author proves many times that there is no fear of killing off characters you love. Still a great book and a great series. Check it out in the YA section.

5. The Hunger Games: A complete movie series and book series that captured the young adult genre as quickly as Twilight did. With a strong female character living in a desolate post apocalyptic society there is a great promise of action in every chapter. While admittedly the ending is a bit rushed the rest of the book follows a steady pace with a great story line. Check out the whole series in the YA section of your local book stores.


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