Kobo Mobile Discovery

Hey everyone. Last week I decided, since I am flat out of books on my shelf, that I would pull up my Kobo app on my phone and get a book. This book I am reading, First Grave on the Right, was hilarious so I thought I would try to copy and paste a line to text to my friends when I discovered something amazing! On the Kobo app for your phone you can highlight a phrase and it will format it for you, put the information in a background of your choice, and then you can share it any way you want.
Needless to say my friends were relentlessly spammed with quotes for the rest of the day once I figured this out.
This isn't supposed to be a long post but I just wanted everyone to know that this was a possibility. From now on if you are reading on your phone give this a try and see if it works for you. It's fun.
Have a great day everyone.
- K


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