The Feeling of a Book

The first thing you do when you are buying a book (or at least you should do) is read the description of the book. By doing this you are giving yourself a 'feeling' of what the book will feel like to read in your hands.
Anyone who reads a lot, or even a little, will tell you that every book has a different feel to it. From the way the story is spun to the voice of the author there is a feelings in the atmosphere of the story that you can't help but feel.
Often times reading the back of the book will give you a completely different feeling than what you get from actually reading the book itself. Even when you think about a book you have read it is the feeling of the story that you are remembering as well as the characters and theme. That is why most people like a specific genre of books because they are used to and comfortable reading those types of stories.
The best part of your favourite book is the feeling you get when you think about it.
Are you sick of me using the word 'feeling' yet? I am!
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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