Dracula by Bram Stoker

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a good Monday so far. As promised I am back with another review. This week I thought I would kick it old school and read the original Dracula. I got this really awesome looking copy from Chapters and I was so excited to read it!
I know a lot of younger people have not read Dracula, and seeing as it is over 100 years old I am not all that surprised. But as an avid reader I find it is my duty to read all of the older books as well as the newer ones.
So let me tell you a bit about the book:

The book is in diary style format, which I loved. It gives you a few different points of view as to what is going on in different places during this time. 
Jonathan Harker is newly promoted in his real-estate business and is sent out by his boss to speak with the Count Dracula about his recent purchase of a castle in the London area. At first he enjoys his stay, but soon finds that things are a little odd in the castle.
The master never eats and there are no others in the castle. During the day all the doors are locked including the ones leading out of the castle. There are no mirrors and Dracula begins acting strangely soon after arriving.
Mr. Harker tries desperately to escape, or to get in touch with someone who can save him, but the master of the house is too clever for him. When he learns the truth about what Dracula is, he is more horrified that ever.
Back in London Mina Harker, Jonathan's fiance, is desperately awaiting his return. When a ship arrives in the port with only one person on board, and that person dead, strange events start to occur within the small town.
Mina's friend Lucy becomes ill quickly and people are turning up dead. At a Mental Ward a patient begins acting strangely and starts speaking to a man at night.
Will Jonathan make it out of castle Dracula and back to Mina in time to warn her of the danger she is in? A strange Doctor by the name Van Helsing might just be able to help her first.

The book was pretty hard to read, not only because it is so long but because the writing is older. Maybe the book wasn't so long but I found it hard to continue reading, especially at the beginning when nothing is really happening.
I am glad I read it, although I doubt I ever will again. At least now I can say that I have and put it to rest. Plus now I know what the original vampire that started this type of literature was like. Spoiler Alert: He has a moustache!
I would rate this book at a 3 out of 5 star rating.
Have a nice week and I will see you in a couple of days!
- K


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