Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice

Hello everyone, back again. This week I am continuing with my obsession in Vampires (trust me, there is a reason for it). I am reading another classic, Interview with the Vampire, which was made a movie a few years back. I haven't seen it yet but I will probably be getting to it shortly.
Anne Rice is pretty popular as an author and that gave me pretty high hopes while going into this. I figured that at least I would be getting a good read even if I just read half and then watched the movie. Thankfully, it was good enough for me to finish.

Daniel is a young boy looking to do an interview with a vampire he has tracked down. Louis tells his story from his death in New Orleans to his rebirth through the Vampire Lestat. Then he tells of his life with him leading up to many difficult and hard decisions he had to make.
They travel around until taking a young girl as a vampire and then the decision years later to kill Lestat and leave his hold to travel the world together. It's too bad things are never that simple.
Everywhere they go they run into trouble and Louis has many things to realize about himself before he is ready to figure out what being immortal really means. He makes friends, enemies, and kills countless amounts of humans to continue living for 300 years before the interview takes place.
There will be love, there will be loss, and there will be an eternity of bad decisions to make.

At first I really hated Lestat, as he was a pompous jerk who thought only of himself. But near the end I started to pity him when we get to see what the centuries have turned him into. Louis remained a pretty realistic character that gave us a good look into an artistic mind. 
I was a little creeped out by the relationships in this book because he was seeing a 6-10 year old kid who was actually way older. Still creepy. There were a lot of twists and turns that I liked and I was glued to the page the entire time. 
I would rate this book at a 4 out of 5 star rating.
Have a nice week and I will see you soon!
- K


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