The 100 by Kass Morgan

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday! This week I finally decided to sit down and read the 100, which has been on my shelf for months. I have heard good things about the book and I believe it has even been made into a TV show (I don't watch a lot of TV).
The first thing I found when I opened the book was that it was a lot shorter than I expected it to be. The hardcover book is pretty thicker, or a little thicker than most books, but when you actually look at the print it is big and double spaced so the book is twice as big as it needs to be. But this isn't always a bad thing.
So let me tell you a bit about the book.

You are seeing the stories being told from four different points of view.
Clarke: After being convicted of treason on the spaceship floating just above Earth she is waiting until she turns 18 to be retried and most likely killed. She is told that, instead of being retried, she will be sent to Earth, which has been abandoned for over 300 years after a nuclear war, to see if it is habitable. She and 99 other convicts (mostly teenagers) will be sent with medical monitoring bracelets to see if the air is still as toxic as it was before. After landing on the planet safely Clarke and the others have to work together to try to survive their new situation on a strange planet they have only ever dreamed about.
Wells: After betraying Clarke, the love of his young life, Wells purposely gets himself convicted so that he can join her on her journey to Earth. With his father as the Chancellor of the whole space colony it doesn't take others on Earth to start hating him. But with Clarke hating his guts for what happened in their past he is going to have many more challenges on Earth than he had hoped for.
Bellamy: Not a convict himself, Bellamy shoots his way onto the leaving shuttle for Earth to be with his little sister who had been convicted before. On Earth he decides to do anything that it takes to protect his sister from the others there. But when medicine goes missing and his sister being the only one near it his job is going to be harder than he thought.
Glass: She was supposed to be on the ship to Earth. But when Bellamy starts shooting she takes her chance to escape and run back into the ship. She goes to her ex's house where she finds him with someone else. He lets her in to hide her for a while and it is obvious that they still have feelings for each other. But the secret behind why Glass was convicted could tear them apart or bring them together. On the ship things are not all that they seem. Glass is about to find out why there was a rush to put the convicts on Earth.
On Earth and on the ship people are about to face a dangerous truth. 

The writing was good but the character development was sort of lacking. I liked the concept of the story because it gives us a look of an apocalyptic future where technology was used to protect most of the human race. The only thing that brought the story down was that, while there was a lot of reference to what happened in the past, there is not a lot of explanation on how everything came to be. The book could have been extended a little by diving into the more interesting past of what happened on Earth besides just mentioning the 'nuclear winter' that set in.
Maybe they have it in the second or third book that are coming out but that doesn't help me now, does it?
But all in all the characters and the story weren't all that bad. It made a quick and interesting read.
So with that being said I would rate this book a 3 out of 5 stars.
That's all for today so have a nice week and happy reading!
- K


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