A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a good morning. This week (or a couple weeks ago) I started reading A Discovery of Witches. But before we talks about what the book is about there is something else we need to discuss about it. 
So I bought this book after waiting for a month to have the money for it. It was thick, the cover was beautiful, the description was perfect, and overall I had really high hopes for it. My hopes were so high in fact that I didn't read it for so long because I was worried about it disappointing me. And my fears were right. 

Diana is a witch. Her whole family comes from a very powerful line of witches dating back to the witch trials in Salem years ago. This would be awesome for Diana if she actually wanted to be a witch. But she hates who she is. She has rejected the whole magical world including vampires, demons, witches and so on.
Instead she has thrown herself into studying history and is now working for a University doing research in London. There she accidentally stumbles across an ancient manuscript that contains secrets that she might be able to unravel... until she returns it not wanting anything to do with it.
She then meets Matthew, a vampire who studies biology, who happens to want something to do with the manuscript. He also might want something to do with Diana. 
Actually the whole magical world wants something to do with both Diana and the manuscript and all converge at her library following her around to try and find it. 
Matthew starts out as a potential enemy for Diana, even breaking into her house while she sleeps, but quickly changes his mind and becomes her friend/maybe boyfriend. And all the while these creatures follow her around trying to get the manuscript that, well, she doesn't even have!
Will Diana ever figure out what the manuscript holds? Will the creatures of the night go to war over what is inside the hidden pages? Who knows! I certainly don't!

So I actually haven't finished reading this book. Oops. The reason I am writing the review is because I don't know if I ever will finish the book. It is so BORING!
The back had such a great lead up but the book has nothing interesting going on. For chapters and chapters all there has been is Diana going out with Matthew to fancy restaurants, and yoga, and walking at night, and always hating herself because she is a witch.
Everyone is following her for this manuscript that we see for all of five pages that she doesn't have. She never gets it back. I am halfway through the book and nothing has actually happened besides her walking around, hating herself, avoiding her family, going on dates, accidentally talking to other night creatures, and doing her work. Over and over and over again.
And apparently my mom read the whole trilogy of these books and never told me. She certainly never told me how awful they are since she hated the whole series. Thanks mom.
I honestly think half of this book could have been shredded and the story would have been more interesting. I'm sorry but this is my honest opinion.
So with all of that I will sit this book at a 2 out of 5 stars because some of the descriptions aren't completely terrible.
Have a great day everyone and I will see you later!
- K


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