Wednesday Update

Hey everyone. So I know that sometimes reading can be hard. Hey, even writing in the blog and finding something to talk to you about every week is hard. And I know that finding the motivation, time, and energy to read is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. To be honest, there is no real way to get yourself motivated if it isn't there. Everyone is different.
But if you are having trouble reading, and you think you should be reading more often, the problem may not just be you but your book as well. A bad book or a series of bad books can really put you off reading. Sometimes going to the store, library, or where ever you buy books and just looking around can help you get back into the excitement of reading again.
Although if there really is nothing you can do to not get back into reading then don't sweat it. Sometimes giving yourself a rest is a good thing. Whether it is a couple days, months, or even a year there will one day come the time where you will have the urge to pick up that book again and keep reading.
I get readers block all the time. Any hobby that you enjoy will call you back to it if you really love it. So pick up a new hobby if reading is not your thing at the moment and eventually you will find yourself drawn back to the age old classic of reading once again.
Sorry that this post couldn't be a little longer but I seem to have a lazy case of writers block today. So have a great week everyone!
Happy reading!
- K
P.S: Look forward to a (possible) surprise post this Friday! (might try to start something new again)


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