Full Story Synopsis: Jurassic Park

SPOILER ALERT! (It's going to be a long one so, as Mr. Arnold puts it, hold on to your butts!)
Jurassic Park
The book starts out with it raining at night as some people hear someone coming by helicopter. They land and quickly call for a doctor.
The woman ends up being a doctor and a man is carried to her limp and injured. When the woman asks what happened to him she is told it was construction accident and that the man was run over by a backhoe. The man assisting the woman notes that it looks like he was mauled by a wild animal.
When the woman starts helping the man he mumbles the word ‘raptor’ in his unconscious state. She also notices saliva in the wounds that smells pretty bad. Her colleague is superstitious and doesn’t want to help.
She hears from a worker that they came from an island resort pretty far from where they are. She gets suspicious.
Another couple and their 8 year old daughter are searching for a private beach to explore. The young girl wanders off to explore and sees a weird lizard that isn’t afraid of her. As she goes to leave it runs up her arm and attacks her. Her parents come running to save her and she is seen later in the hospital being treated. Her arm has bites marks all over it.
She draws a picture of what it was but no one can identify it for her.
The doctor who treated her goes to the beach looking to find the lizard again. He hears of more attacks like it and finds it very strange. Eventually the doctor finds the lizard dead in the mouth of a local monkey.
The lizard is sent to a lab in New York where the researchers determine that there is no toxin in the bite, despite that they don’t know what it is. Back near the island a baby is mauled by the lizards and is found dead.
Back in the lab the scientist discover that the saliva from the lizard is very odd. One colleague asks about the picture of the dinosaur to which everyone wonders what he is talking about. He thinks the lizard picture is that of a dinosaur that his kids draw all the time. This gets people thinking.
Now we switch to our protagonist Dr. Allan Grant who is at his dig site hoping to unearth a baby carnivore. His assistant Ellie calls him over to tell him that there is a visitor for him. The man turns out to be from head office and the two sit down to talk with a beer. The man wants to speak with him about their fear of the Hammond foundation and why they are funding all these sites. They can’t understand why they are spending so much money in different places. They also talk about how over the years Dr. Grant would send papers on feeding patterns of certain dinosaurs to Hammond.
After he leaves Allan gets a call from the woman who had the strange lizard before. She sends him pictures of it and he recognizes them as a dinosaur he had studied. As Grant and Ellie are arguing about the photo x-ray they receive a call from John Hammond.
He tells them about his park and insists that they come to see it. He says that he will send someone to get them as soon as possible.
Meanwhile the lawyer is talking to Hammond about expenses of the company. He speaks about the people who are coming to the island saying the Ian Malcolm is coming as well as Grant and Ellie.
Back to Ellie and Grant who now receive information on the island from Hammond. They look at a map of the island and wonder what is happening there. They are confused with the information they have.
As the two prepare to leave they start to get their fossil site locked down so that they don’t lose it. Since Grant is so bad with computers they have to do it the old fashioned way. They manage to get a picture of the skeleton and determine that it was a baby. Grant talks to a kid on the site about how it could have died before Ellie pulls him away to head to the airport.
On the flight up Hammond speaks with his lawyer about life. The lawyer thinks back to when Hammond first started in genetics with a tiny elephant that was only 9 inches tall. Then they talk about the island and the dinosaurs he has.
Hammond’s plane lands at the airport and they pick up Ellie and Grant.
At another corporation many men talk about an inside man they have in InGen, Hammond’s company, and how they are going to get the dinosaurs for their own company. They talk about what they could do if they had that kind of power to clone dinosaurs.
The man then goes to meet with his inside man at the airport and gives him half the money and the means to get the embryos back to them in one piece. He assures him he won’t get caught as long as his man is waiting for him on the boat.
Meanwhile Hammond has picked up Grant and Ellie and Ian Malcolm now joins the group. He introduces himself while hitting on Ellie and instantly most people on the plane hate him. They are on the plane over night as they fly towards the private island. During the night Ian talks about Chaos theory to the lawyer and how the island is going to fail.
Grant notes on the plane that they had to make a stop to pick of Nedry, a fat sloppy man, who just happens to be the inside man for the rival company. They pass over Costa Rico and Hammond watches the fishing village near where the people were attacked.
Despite heavy fog the helicopter is able to land itself on the island much to the passengers dismay as they hold on for the bumpy ride.
As soon as they get off the helicopter Grant and Ellie get out and look across the tree line to the larger trees rising up. As they move they realize they aren’t looking at trees at all but long necked dinosaurs. It takes them a moment to come to grips with what they are seeing.  
They are led away by a man while Grant laughs at what he is seeing. On the way back they talk about how both Grant and Ellie want to get a closer look at the dinosaurs if they get the chance to learn more about them. They talk about how their jobs might be over now.
Ellie stops for a moment to look of the plants. She notes that despite how nice they look they are insanely poisonous and gets pissed that they were chosen without knowing such a thing.
They are taken to their beds in a lodge just off from the main building where the windows are covered in metal bars. Ellie notices this too and wonders if the park is really safe.
On the tour they ask if the park is safe before they all sit down to talk about the dinosaur attacking people in Costa Rico despite them being stuck on the island. The deduce that some dinosaurs have certainly gotten off the island but haven’t done enough damage to be completely noticed yet. Ian makes his point causing Hammond to become angered and storm out. They hear a helicopter and go to check it out thinking it is the sample that Grant had received.
When they get outside they find that instead of the sample two young children are being dropped off. They refer to Hammond as, ‘grandpa,’ making the lawyer very uncomfortable that they are here. The two are Tim and Lex Hammond’s grandchildren. Tim recognizes Grant from the book of his that he owns. Tim’s father doesn’t approve of his interest in dinosaurs.
As they continue their tour they meet Dr. Wu the man who is in charge of creating the dinosaurs. He tells them about how they get dinosaur DNA from mosquitos frozen in ancient amber. He shows them a sample of how they look at the DNA. Then he shows them where it all happens.
They go to the hatchery where Grant asks many questions about the growing rate of the dinosaurs. When the go to the nursery Tim gets to hold a small velociraptor that acts more like a dog than a predator because it is so young. Wu then tells them that it is impossible to breed them because they are all born females and because they make them sterile. They are told that many die quickly.
When Grant finds out they have full grown Velociraptors in the park he instantly wants to go and look at them. When they attack the fence causing their own electrocution Grant knows they are smarter than her thought.
Back in the lab Dr. Wu is trying to convince Hammond to let him replace all of the dinosaurs in the park with modified ones that look cooler so that the audience will like them more. Hammond isn’t going for it.
Back to the other group who are in the control room where the meet Mr. Arnold the man in charge of control. He shows them how they track the dinosaurs in the park to know when one has died or if one escaped.
With that done they move on with the tour by getting into two cars to go around the park and see the dinosaurs. They spot a few but all seem to be pretty bored until they get to the T-rex cage.
Back in the control room there is argument over the park which Hammond puts an end to. He wants the problems fixed as soon as possible and wants to watch what the others are doing.
They watch the goat as they hope for the Rex to make a show. Suddenly it launches from the bushes and kills the goat before eating it in front of them.
From the control room the others listen but instead of amazement from the group all they hear is the concern about the Rex escaping and killing people.
The tour moves on and everyone notices that it might start to rain soon. As they are moving along Tim looks out in the field and sees a Raptor. He tells the others but the man in the car with them tells him that it is impossible since the raptors are locked up.
When the ride stops again in from of the Stegosaurus area the group gets out to go meet with the vet. They hear that the animal is sick and Ellie manages to figure out what is wrong with it. As they are figuring it out though Grant discovers remnants of eggs that have hatched in the area. When asked what type of egg he found he says it is a Raptor egg.
At the control room Ian gets them to do a test on their system and they find out that there are almost a hundred more animals in the park than they had thought they had. They also figure out that the reason they haven’t noticed any hunting from the new additions is because the Raptors are nocturnal and only hunt at night.
They decide the only way to know if any of the animals have gotten off the island is to find the nests and count the eggs shells. But before that they decide to go back and eat while discussing things. Ellie stays behind while Grant and Ian take one car, leaving the kids and their guide in the other car.
As they start they way back to the lodge it begins to rain. Tim and Lex play with the night vision goggles and Lex says she sees something on the boat heading back to the mainland. Grant looks and sure enough sees two Raptors on the boat hiding near the back.
They try to call the control room to tell them not to dock anywhere but the radios are out. Back in control room Nedry (the inside man) informs them that the phones are out because he is coding them then excuses himself to get a coke. They say that he is a slob.
The cars suddenly stop on the road as the lights all go out leaving them in darkness. The control room recognizes that the power in the park is off but not in the main building. The cars are stopped somewhere near the Rex cage. They try to call maintenance but the phones aren’t working.
Meanwhile Nedry is making off with his stolen goods as his plan to shut down security for himself to escape has worked.
Back in control they have just realized that all the electric fences around the park have gone out as well leaving the dinosaurs free to break out. They say nothing should happen but send the hunter Muldoon out in the jeep to retrieve everyone. When he gets to the underground he finds the only jeep gone!
Back on the road the group are sitting in the rain when Grant and Ian see something as large as the car pass quickly across the road in the darkness. Tim looks up into the pen and sees the Rex there watching them. It steps forward and grabs onto the fence with nothing happening to stop it.
As their guide sees what has happened he quickly opens the door and bolts leaving the kids alone. Tim tells his sister to close the door but she is in hysterics screaming that he left them.
She stops screaming when the Rex breaks his wires and steps out onto the road between the car. Both kids try to hide by the Rex slams his head down onto the car throwing them around and knocking Lex out. As it goes to pull them out it realizes that it’s head is too big to get inside the car.
Realizing this as well the Rex kicks the car onto its side before lifting it up in its jaws and shaking it around. When he lets go it plummets to the ground knocking both of the kids out.
In the other car Grant and Ian have realized that the car has disappeared. Ian bolts being chased by the Rex before being tossed through the air like a doll. Grant gets out of the car too but the Rex spins on him in an instant.
He stands still and for a moment the Rex starts to sniff him even roaring in his face. When he doesn’t react the Rex stops and Grant believes himself to be invisible since he isn’t moving.
Then the Rex kicks him and the car sending him flying through the air where he passes out.
On the road Ellie and the vet are on their way back to the lodge when a downed tree forces them to turn back and go another way.
In the control room Arnold is worried about a power outage. He sent guards to bring Nedry back but they didn’t return for a while. Muldoon comes to tell him that the jeep was taken and they both agree that the vet can pick up the others on his way back since he has to go by that way.
Meanwhile Nedry is driving through the park while cursing the storm for making him late with his meeting with the man from the competing company. He gets out of his car when he realizes he is lost and is chased by a dinosaur that spits in his eyes. As he runs he goes blind and the reptile slices open his stomach while he is still alive. The last thing he feels is his head being lifted in the mouth of something with sharp teeth.
Back at the lodge Wu and Hammond are eating dinner. Wu notices that Hammond seems to be in denial and refuses to do anything about the situation facing the park. He expresses that his only concern is that he won’t live long enough to see the children enjoying the park.
At control they have finally realized that Nedry escaped and took one of the jeeps with him.
The vet and Ellie are held up by some dinosaurs crossing the road and speak about how they aren’t afraid of them because they aren’t used to seeing humans at night. At bit more down the road they come across a pack of compy’s (small scavenging). The vet mentions that they don’t normally move at night unless they are hunting down a dying or already dead animals. They decide to follow them.
Tim wakes up inside the land cruiser and realizes he is in a tree. He manages to get out and hurries down the tree to get away. He manages to retrieve the night vision goggles and goes to find Lex.
Back in control they are worried that the jeep with the vet hasn’t gotten back yet. Wu finds out that the DNA used to fill the gaps in the DNA was that of frogs and realizes that the dinos are in fact breeding like Grant said.
Tim finds Lex curled up in a drainage pipe and can’t get her to come out. Eventually Grant comes along after looking for the kids to help them out. He is fine despite being punted by the Rex.
Meanwhile the guide is making his way along a field heading for the lodge. He hears Lex call out for Grant but doesn’t respond to her. He decides instead of checking to see if they are alright to walk back to camp.
Grant checks over the kids and once he realizes that they aren’t too badly injured they decide to stay put until help comes for them. Grant puts a hand over Lex’s mouth to silence her as they see the guide just over the hill.
At first they see the smaller Rex as he comes out of the forest and moves on. The guide thinks he is safe and continues on his way when suddenly it attacks from the side pinning him to the ground. As he screams the kids and Grant watch as the small Rex kills him there.
Tim drops the goggles by accident attracting the attention of the Rex. Grant grabs both kids and takes off running at full speed.
Ellie and the vet are driving along when the radio cuts back in and they hear over the static that someone needs their car. They are confused until they see Muldoon running towards them waving his arms.
Muldoon takes the car leaving both Ellie and the vet at the visitors center. He and the lawyer go out to look for the cars because it has been an hour since anyone has heard from them. They find the guide’s leg and know that the Rex is out and attacking.
They finally arrive where the cars were and find only one on the road. Muldoon doesn’t take long to find the other car and notices that at least one of the children must have survived. From the tracks in the mud he deducts that both kids are alive and one adult and that they ran deeper into the park.
As he goes to look for them he find Ian still alive but injured. They decide to take him back and look for the kids on the motion tracking system in the control room. The lawyer is in charge of telling Hammond his grandchildren are missing.
Arnold finally figures out what was wrong with the system and that Nedry was messing around before he escaped. Wu goes to the freezer to see how much he took.
Back at the lodge Muldoon goes to get Ellie to get her to look after Ian since he is hurt. He tells her he hasn’t found the others yet.
Meanwhile Grant is helping the kids along knowing full well that they are still in the Rex area. Eventually they have to stop and Grant climbs a tree to get a better look around.
He finds the fence to get out of the Rex area and the trio head off in that direction. They manage to climb the fence without incident and get out of the moat to where they find a bunker. All get inside and quickly fall asleep.
In control Arnold is able to get all of the power back on putting the fences back to what they should be. They look to find the kids on the motion sensors but see nothing. Muldoon sets off with a maintenance team to repair the fences and get the animals back into their cages.
Ellie tends to Ian while the vet is called off to help get the animals back into their cages. Ian is in pain and needs surgery but is still alive and able to talk.
Hammond goes with the crew to move the animals. They are drugged and moved with cranes back to where they belong. Muldoon fixes the fences and notices that the Rex must have gone into another paddock. He says he won’t fix the fence until daylight. Hammond is furious that they won’t get him out but Muldoon points out they have no weapons big enough to deal with the Rex and the only one they had was stolen by Nedry.
When Grant wakes up the phones still aren’t working. They head out to find the motion sensors in hopes of people noticing them. Instead they find the Rex attacking some of the large animals in that area. They take off as the animals charge.
Back in control room Arnold is forced by the Lawyer to shut the systems down in hopes of getting the phones back to call for help. It comes back on and he works on getting the phones working again. He picks up the phone and then notices that the animals are stampeding.
Grant and the others manage to hide and Muldoon is sent out to make sure nothing too bad happened to the animals.
When Grant looks down one of the animals is at his feet with its baby. He watches as is moves away. Tim points out that there is a raft they could take to get to the lodge faster since it is apparent they will have to walk there on their own.
They find a raft to take but the Rex is sleeping in the way. They decide to sneak around him as long as they are quiet and get on the raft as it is their only chance. They seem to make it away when Lex starts coughing waking the Rex and causing him to go after them.
Lex thinks they are safe since the rex can’t swim but she is proved wrong when it leaps into the water and comes after them. It almost kills them but stops when it sees the smaller Rex eating its kill and leaves to go reclaim it.
Muldoon and the lawyer find the one of the dead animals and call it in. Back at base it seems like they found Nedry.
They do in fact find his half eaten body on the road and retrieve the gun he had stolen. They leave his body there stating they have more important things to do.
Grant and the kids float down river where they come upon the aviary that isn’t finished yet. They see a room that might have phones or a way of contacting control so they stop the raft and get out the check.
In the control room Arnold talks to Ian about the aviary and the possibility that the kids might have gone that way. He says he hopes not because the four birds they have in their a fiercely territorial and attack anything that comes near them.
Grant and the kids enter the lodge but find nothing useful. As they look around they are attacked by the large pterodactyls.
They manage to find a boat and continue on their way towards the visitors center to call for help. They have only two hours left to get their call out to the boat. As they go the Rex stalks them trying to get into the river to catch them at every point. They hear something fighting down river and stop to listen.
They see the same poisonous animals that killed Nedry doing a mating ritual. Grant knows they can’t get by without being spotted but they become distracted by the Rex trying to break through. They manage to float away leaving the Rex to them for the time being.
Muldoon and the lawyer manage to track down the Rex and prepare to shoot him full of tranquilizer. Muldoon stands off with the Rex but in the end isn’t able to hit him so they take off and head back to base.
Grant and the kids are moving faster now until they come to a waterfall with a hungry Rex waiting at the bottom. They go over and go under the water when Grant sees the Rex pull up Lex’s life jacket. She surfaces down stream and Grant goes after her. He gets her out and the kids sneak back up past the Rex to hide behind the waterfall. Grant finds a door there that is locked and a bunch of boxes with nothing useful in them. He finds a way in but the kids don’t want to come and the door slams shut behind him.
Down the stairs he finds a small Raptor which attacks him but he manages to shoot it with a gun he found on the raft.
Outside the kids are worried that he hasn’t come out yet. As they are trying to figure out how to get in the Rex attacks from the other side of the water fall forcing them back against the cliff.
They think it is about to get them when Tim realizes that it can’t see them if they press themselves back a bit. Its tongue comes out and tries to drag Tim out but when he doesn’t move it loses interest and leaves.
Back in the control room Arnold notices that the Rex has passed out and sends Muldoon to go and get it. Then Wu and Arnold realize something is up with the system and are confused.
Back at the waterfall Tim realizes that the Rex has passed out in the water. The waterfall suddenly stops flowing and the door behind them opens allowing Grant to come out. He gets the kids to follow him to see what he found.
In control they realize that the park has been running on backup power since they powered up five hours ago and that the fences haven’t been working since then. Muldoon realizes that the Raptors could have broken from the cages by now.
Muldoon and the lawyer go to track them down hoping to kill them and find the hunting as a pack.
Wu is waiting in the control room when he hears Muldoon screaming from outside. Muldoon has a broken ankle and knows he has little time before the Raptors get him.
In the lodge Ian is fading fast. Ellie and Hammond are working on him but Hammond is angry that Ian is mocking the failure of his park.
Arnold makes it to the shed to switch on the power again but notices he is locked in with a Raptor.
Wu hears on the phone that Muldoon is still alive and is stuffed inside a pipe to avoid the Raptors chasing him. But they know he is there and are waiting for the opportunity to kill him. He manages to shoot the leg off one of them but knows there are still three or four outside.
Meanwhile Arnold is trapped and killed by the Raptor in the shed with him. The lawyer goes towards the maintenance building trying to be brave in hopes of turning the power back on himself.
He manages to make it to the building but can’t see in the dark. He left his radio behind so he is hoping to do it all quickly and get out. He hears snarling in the dark and is suddenly yanked off his feet as something bites his hand.
Ian is getting sicker as the time goes on and Wu decides to take the jeep over to pick up Muldoon knowing that he will be leading the Raptors back to the lodge with them.
Grant and the kids speed through an underground tunnel in a mine cart as they approach the visitors center. Inside they find the guards dead and Grant tries to reach someone on the phones. He gets through to Ellie and Muldoon that warn them that the raptors are loose and are causing havoc.
They have gotten on the roof of the lodge and are biting through the bars above Ian’s head where he cannot be moved. He suggests that someone go outside and distract the Raptors long enough for Grant to get to the maintenance shed and turn the power back on so that the bars will be electrified again.
Ellie volunteers to go outside and run around for a while to distract the raptors.
Wu calls Grant and tells him what their plan is. He leaves the kids in the cafeteria to get some food while he heads out to the shed to try to get the power back on. When Grant leaves the kids go off into the kitchen looking for food.
Ellie goes outside and tries to get the Raptors attention. When it doesn’t work she goes outside the fence where they attack and she manages to get back inside where they watch her. Muldoon comes to give her a hand.
As Wu watches Ellie distracting the Raptors he hears from Grant that he is inside the building. He talks him through walking through the building until he comes to the generator. He tells him he has to reboot it manually and Grant says he will call him back once he gets there.
The kids find the freezer and Lex says she wants ice cream. Tim takes her inside and as they look around Lex says she hears something. Tim looks out and sees a Raptor sniffing around.
As Grant feels around in the darkness he hears something. He then finds the lawyer, still alive, hiding in a truck.
Tim watches the Raptor stalk around the kitchen while trying to plan their escape. He begins laying frozen steaks down to try to lure him into the freezer. The Raptor spots him but starts eating the steaks anyway. Eventually it goes into the freezer and he dashes to lock it getting Lex to help him.
Grant helps the lawyer to his feet and tries to get out. When he mentions that the injured Raptor attacked him Grant wonders if it is still in the building.
Wu notices that the Raptors have left the roof and asks the others to get Ellie inside. Wu runs out to get her but is gutted by the Raptors and eaten while he is still alive. Ellie runs as Muldoon shuts the door. The vet notices that the Raptors aren’t following Ellie as she runs. They are heading back to the visitors center.
Two of the Raptors follow Ellie as she climbs a tree and jumps onto the roof. She goes for the door but it is locked. She turns and jumps from the roof landing in the pool just as the vet opens the roof door.
He is attacked by the Raptors but manages to close the door before anything major happens. Ellie made it inside all right.
The kids race through the upper floors of the visitors center and Tim looks for the control room. They find the computers are working again and Lex finds a radio. She says since she found it she gets to play with it first pissing Tim off who wants to call for help. Muldoon hears them through the radio.
Grant watches the Raptors trying to get in.
Tim hears from Muldoon that no one alive knows how to restart the computers. Tim says he knows a little about computer (a lie) since his dad runs a computer company. He manages to get up views from around the lodge but Lex keeps yelling at him and pushing buttons despite being told not to.
Tim sees on the screen that the Raptors are almost through the skylight over Ian and hurries to find the answer. Before he can they both hear snarling from the hallway as the other group of Raptors find them.
They go out to take a look and get locked out of the room. Tim manages to find a security card on one of the dead guards and they race through the closest door to them.
Grant tries to get to the kids but needs a security card to get any further into the building.
Inside the room Tim finds the baby Raptor from before. When the larger raptors come into the room Tim pushes the baby towards them. But instead of liking it they eat it quickly. This gives them time to run.
They run with the Raptors close behind until they run into Grant and the lawyer. Grant sends the kids with the lawyer to the control room and escapes into the nursery where all of the eggs are kept. He manages to find a poison that Wu had kept just in case. Using his knowhow on Raptors he manages to kill 2 of them before enlisting Ellie on the radio to help kill the third.
The group then heads back to the control room. There Tim turns on the main power for the buildings before rushing to turn on the electric bars in the lodge. There the Raptors are caught in the bars and electrocuted over and over again as the other cheer.
They pick up the phone and Tim calls the ship to tell them not to dock but the captain doesn’t like speaking with a kid. Suddenly the lawyer grabs the phone and threatens them with the law and they agree to turn around.
They look over the animals in the park and realize that all of the fences have been down for hours and now all the animals are mingling as they should be. They realize that the island is probably going to be bombed and Grant decides to take care of most of the killing on their own.
They manage to find a storage locker filled with weapons that no one knew about and go off to find and destroy the nests. The find the nests and drop in intent on destroying them.
Back at the lodge Ian is almost gone. Hammond is pacing worrying about the island. He goes outside to rage. He blames Wu for everything that happens to the island, even though he is dead. He states that even though he brought his grandchildren it was only so that the lawyer would pity him and keep the park open. He doesn’t care what happens to them. He falls down a hill and breaks his ankle.
Grant and the others are underground in a cave and are surrounded by a ton of Raptors. They don’t attack them. It gives them a chance to look at the eggs and gather data.
Hammond meanwhile is swarmed by compy’s and killed by the poison in their saliva before he is eaten.
The group in the caves follow the Raptors as they suddenly run out onto the beach. They notice that they line up watching the boat as it comes in. Grant realizes that they don’t want to escape the island they want to migrate like birds.
Just then a helicopter arrives and takes them away. Muldoon is there and tells Grant that Hammond is dead. He asks about Ian but he just shakes his head (He is implied dead in this book but is alive in the start of the second book). As they are flown away the island is bombed by the Costa Rican government.
The group is then held by the government and questioned for days. They send the kids home but hint that the others aren’t going to be leaving since they know about what happened on the island. No one is going anywhere, they are told.



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