Wednesday Update!

Hello everyone I wanted to introduce you all to my newest distraction from reading! Her name is Lulu and I got her just over a month ago. She is a long hair Guinea Pig, which we just call 'the pig' who hates my guts. She tolerates me since I feed her but she hates being picked up.
Lately she has been purring, yes they purr, when I pet her. I am told since she was in the store for over a year kept near birds, which scare them, that it might take some time for her to come around to being loved.
I know a lot of people have pets that like to interrupt them while they are reading. Lulu doesn't really do that but I do have to take a lot of time to clean her cage, fill her water, give her hay, fill her food dish, brush her, clip her nails, and all of that pet stuff. My cats are a lot less work but they tend to rub their faces on my book when I am reading.
My dog doesn't care about any of it so I don't have to worry about her bugging me unless she wants outside. 
Maybe in the future I will try to get a picture of Lulu reading a book. I bet she would just eat it the silly thing.
So have a great week everyone and sorry for the short and useless post!
- K


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