Full Story Synopsis: John Dies at the End

Hey everyone! Another synopsis for you.

John Dies at the End
We start off (skipping the prologue) with this guy David (the author) talking to a reporter from a large magazine. He tells the guy he is going to tell him an unbelievable story.
In his story he tells of how it started. He and his friend John were at a party with their band when David meets this guy with a fake Jamaican accent. The guy tells him a bunch of true things about his life and then offers him some of this drug called Soya Sauce. David, freaked out, tells him to get lost and goes home.
Later that night he receives a frantic call from John who says he has been calling him all night. He says there is a monster in his house and that he needs him. David, thinking this is a prank, goes to pick him up.
At John’s house he finds him in a state and takes him from the house. He keeps insisting that there was a monster in his house and that he took some drug from the man from the party.
David finds some of the drug in John’s pocket and keeps it. At a local diner they get something to eat and David get’s a phone call from John. He get’s freaked out when he hears John talking to him but is staring right at John across from him.
Soon John passes out in his car and David has to drag him to work where the drug he took from John pokes him in the leg and forces him to be injected by it. There they are both arrested and taken to be questioned by the police. There, David is told that John is dead.
David is questioned about the drug by a man who looks like Morgan Freeman and is told that everyone who has taken the drug has died in an awful way. Even the man from the party who gave them the drug has died. When the officer leaves the room David is left with the other man in the room.
He gets a call on his very broken cellphone from John, who asks if he has died yet. He tells David to escape while he can because the other man in the room is a ghost (ghosts haunt your mind not places). David is attacked by the man and manages to escape. John directs him to quickly go and buy a hotdog so they could continue talking. After buying it David realizes he can only talk to John through the hotdog.
He goes to the place where the man from the party was staying and finds more of the drug, which he then takes. He instantly zips through time and space and comes back just as the Morgan Freeman shows up. They argue and somehow the whole building explodes. David is trapped inside until a dog named Molly, who had bitten the man on the drug and then gained super human thought, drives a car through the building.
David takes the car and drives home where a man completely infected by small little white bugs shows up. He tells David his name is Shitload (because there are a shitload of creatures inside of him) and then kicks David in the crotch until his passes out.
When he wakes up he is in the back of a beer truck with John and others who have been infected by the drug. They know they are being taken to Las Vegas to help open a portal to another world. They manage to escape when Morgan Freeman shows up but as they are driving away his head explodes and a shit ton of white creatures come out. They kill one of their friends with a shotgun they got from the car and then take a car to Las Vegas to kill Shitload.
They meet a man named Dr. Marconi who is an expert on paranormal things who helps the group stop Shitload from opening the portal. He does anyway and a standoff between the creatures and the group. Some members are killed leaving only David, John, Jenifer, and Dr. Marconi after the standoff. David notes that everyone who fell into the portal was forgotten by everyone as though they didn’t exist. He even notes that he has memory of another member of their group who went into the portal who he can’t be sure if he existed or not.
The interviewer at this point doesn’t believe any of this until John takes him outside to show him a creature they captured in the back of his truck. They then go to a mall for David to continue his story.
He tells him of how John and he still saw weird things and ended up taking care of Molly, the drugged dog, until one day David woke up an noticed that the gun in his room had been fired and that there was a body in the shed. He doesn’t want to know who it is and decides not to tell anyone about it because he can’t remember killing the person.
Soon Molly explodes one day after mentioning the name Korok. A man then goes crazy and David and John look into it. Amy, Molly’s owner, is questioned by them and they discover that the man that went crazy had been possessed by a strange creature.
They go to Amy’s house after reports of her missing and find that she has been disappearing every couple nights with no memory of what happened. There is also a lamp humping jellyfish in her room that can’t be killed but it isn’t all that important.
Amy stays with the guys as they track the man down to the mall where he is trying to open a portal. The creature then leaps into David and John is forced to shoot him. Later when he recovers they are attacked by people who have suddenly started acting differently who force Amy and David away from John.
When they meet up again, after David and Amy share their life stories, they go back to the house where David and John decide it is time to do more Soya Sauce to figure out how to get out of their situation. John shaves half of Molly and then he and David build a bomb. Amy is very confused about what is going on.
But Molly eats the bombs so they feed her mass amount of taco’s to try to make her poo it out. When that doesn’t work they take the dog with them, and Amy, and go to where they found a portal to try and stop the God who calls himself Korok.
They are confronted by people in the other world who tell them that David is supposed to help Korok take over the world. He even goes so far as to infect Amy with a dangerous virus that will kill her and multiply quickly to kill others. They manage to escape by using a crazy bomb pooping Molly to blast their way out.
As Amy starts to die from the disease a guy who randomly popped up earlier shows up, shoots her in the head, and then throws her back through the portal before it closes. Before David can kill him though he turns into the lamp humping jellyfish and disappears. Literally the last time you see this guy.
But then it turns out there is another Amy, as the previous one was a clone. They figure out that there were clones being sent to kill and replace people in that world and then kill more people.
The last thing they decide to do is check the body in David’s shed. They see that it is David and then figure that he must have killed his clone when it came to kill him. But in a surprise ending David and John find out that the David that has been talking to them is in fact the clone, with all of real David’s memories, and the David that is dead was the real David. John chooses not to kill clone David because he had no idea what was going on and doesn’t want to kill anyone, as he actually thought he was the real David. This is all true by the way.
There is one last scene where they see the people in the other dimension all dying because of the virus that the
jellyfish man had sent back to them.
All’s well that ends well I suppose.



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