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Good morning everyone. I hope your week has gone well so far. This week for our Wednesday update I thought I would give a short talk on online reading. Lately a lot of people have been switching to ereaders because the books are cheaper, they take up less space, and you can have multiple books on the go. I think I have already given a talk on ereaders but this is a little different. While I still like the traditional method of reading to the ebooks I am not above reading online when I get the chance.
And ebooks are not always something that you have to read on the device. Devices die, or short out, or sometimes just become a huge pain so I tend to read ebooks on my phone or computer. The technology era we are living in has made it easy to read books, download and buy books, and take them with you where ever you go. 
With reading on my laptop I find I can take a break from working sometimes and just scroll through a good book and go right to the pages that I like to reread without ruining the book. It is easy to just simply switch pages and go right to reading instead of picking up the book from across the room and having to set it down every chapter to get some more work done. But I am lazy so this just might be my preference because I don't like to do too many things at once.
With my phone I can read in public on the bus without having to weigh my purse down all the time. That being said I always have a backup book in my purse and my writing journal in my purse anyway so maybe I keep too many books on me...
Since there is so much technology these days it is hard for people to remember back to a time when there wasn't fancy phones and computers and devices to read books on. Keeping a book on you is a good way to remind yourself that a break from your phone isn't always such a bad thing.
I still love the classic reading but trying new ways is a good way to keep up with the future. Who knows, one day we might not be able to buy the books the classic way anymore and we will all be forced to read on devices. Won't that suck?
But that day is probably a long way off.
So have a great week everyone and keep up your reading, whether it be by hand or by device.
Happy reading!
- K 


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