Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Just Finished reading this book called Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Cool last name huh?) and I have to say it was one of the best books I've read in a while. All the books I've read before were about zombies and strange magic, and none of them have been any good :S
Though the plot line seemed strange when I read the back of the book, it turned out to be really amazing. The back says that there is an obnoxious, yet very attractive, boy living next door, but here's the catch, he's an alien! So stick with me here!
When I read that they were aliens I was weary to reading it, but it wasn't anything like the E.T kind of things you see in the movies at all! Daemon and his sister Dee are in every way human, minus the fact that they can stop time, freeze things and turn into a glowing ball of light... But the point is they don't really seem like the classic aliens I had imagined reading about.
Now imagine this... Another Alien girl named Ash shows up, no she isn't the villan though I wish she was, and she has two brothers that are also aliens. Of course they don't add too much to the plot besides characters that you love to hate but it makes things more interesting between the main character and Daemon the alien bad boy.
As they grow closer, all the time seemingly "forcing" themselves to tolerate each other they start to realize that the growing threat of the Arum, an evil alien civilization bent on destroying the Lux people and stealing their powers, are being attracted by none other than the main character.
Daemon must go out of his way to protect the main character even though it seems like he likes and hates her at the same time. As Dee puts it at one point, he gives her the, "I hate you, but I wanna be with you." eyes every time he looks at her.
The book is wonderfully written with good and loveable characters and you can't help but press your nose to every page just to see what happens next!
Not only do I give this book a five star rating, but I also put it on my shelf to reread after I was finished! So if you enjoy a good bad boy vs. good girl romance this is certainly a great book to add to your reading list!

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