Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep

Hello again everyone, I just finished reading Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep, the fourth book in the Mythos Academy series.
Gwen and friends start their day with an exciting trip to the museum, that turns horrible when they are attacked by reapers. Gwen comes face to face to sword with the women her killed her mother, and though the battle is intense the girl gets away before Gwen, with her trusty sword Vic, can end her life.
Back at the academy things are finally going back to normal after the attack at the ski resort before the break. But now the Fenrir wolf that Gwen helped in the previous book is back as well, carrying a tiny surprise in HER stomach ;)
While Gwen is searching up and down trying to find the dagger that her mother his before her death she has to deal with a few problems that seem to keep coming up. One of those problems happens to be Logan Quinn.
The sparton boy has been seriously close to the gypsy girl ever since she nearly died at the hands of a Reaper at the ski lodge (last book). But Gwen knows his secret, something that makes him very angry with her when he finds out she knows.
Her best friend Daphne is also acting strange ever since her powers quickened and she got her new ability fighting the Reapers. All on her own Gwen has to solve her problems without the help of her friends.
Will Gwen be able to find the dagger before Loki's champion does and frees her master from his tomb to start the next Caos war? Or will the Reapers finally succeed in killing her and all her friends to stop them from interfering?
Read the Mythos Academy series to find out ;)
This was an interesting book because though I have been waiting for it to come out for months, I wasn't all that excited to read it. Any book series, unless it is absolutely amazing and impossible to give up, should not be more that three books long in my opinion. It makes it harder to remember the story line when the books come out so far in between. But I liked the book none the less.
It was well written by a reliable author, and the characters are loveable. I'm hoping the next book, Crimson Frost, due in stores in January 2013 will be the last one and will wrap things up nicely.
The book right now sits at a four out of five star rating.

Hope you enjoy, until next time, and next read ;)


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