Endure by Carrie Jones

So this is my latest read! Endure by Carrie Jones is the forth book in the Need series and, as far as I can tell, is the final book to the series! 
While in the first book I enjoyed the romance between Zara, the main character, and Nick, the sexy wolf shifter, I found myself loving Zara's new found pixie friend Astley in the second and third. After Zara became a pixie, and Nick was gone, I just started falling in love with the Astley Zara couple faster and faster!
In the forth book I loved that though Nick was back Astley and Zara still held on to the romance they shared in his absence. And though the end of the world is drawing near and the humans need to be recruited as fierce warriors, the two still hold onto hope that Zara can stop the apocalypse like the prophecy says. All she has to do is prevent Loki from being set free...
But as the end approaches Zara finds that all is not what it seems; there is Hel, who is Loki's daughter who wants to help in any way she can, and Frank and Isla, Astley's mother and Uncle who seek the end of the world more than anyone.
Working as a team these unlikely hero's set out on a heart warming journey through their lives and figure out what feelings are real and what are false. They bring back some friendly faces for us to meet again and we finally figure out who wins Zara's heart for good -no spoilers sorry!-
The book was well written and though it was very good I would only really rate it at a four star rating because there were some parts that I felt like tossing the book to the ground and giving up. But don't worry ladies and gentleman in the end everything works out in a way that makes the end really feel like the end. And though there are some unanswered questions, it was a satisfying series that I would certainly recommend to my friends and to everyone else who loves the Teen Fantasy books as much as I do!

Until next time, hope you enjoyed! ;)


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