Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Okay, so this is Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. When I read the back, and when my friends all said I had to read it I had my doubts. 
What could be romantic about someone who couldn't touch the ones she loves? But that's just the thing, the ones who truly love her can touch her without dying.
It starts out in an asylum in a dystopian society where the reestablishment runs everything in the world. Juliette has been locked away for 264 days before her new roommate Adam is brought to her. Though he wants to get to know her, she shuts him out until the day the soldiors come.
They bring Juliette out and she realizes that Adam was a soldior the whole time. She is introduced to Warner, the son of the head honcho at the Reestablishment. He knows a lot about Juliette and what she can do. And he wants her to be a soldior for him, fighting at his side.
Though she refuses he is determined to make her his and takes her to a place where she can live comfortably and be monitored while he keeps a close eye on her.
While there she realizes that Adam can touch her, and though she wishes nothing more to escape, she sees a new side to the 19 year old Warner.
He is crazy, and believes that she will finally except her gift and join him. But, despite the fact that he gets everything he wants through violence to others, he is willing to be patient for her.
Finally Adam and Juliette get their chance to escape and they take it. But not without some serious fighting from Warner's part. He doesn't want Juliette to leave him, and he is horrified when he finds out that Adam can touch her when he can't.
But as she escapes his hand brushes her bare leg and she realizes that he can touch her too. They get away safely and hope that they have seen the last of Warner, but their wrong.
He'll be back with the knowledge that he can touch Juliette, the one person who could understand his desires to have power. And Adam won't let her go without a serious fight. But will he be strong enough to fight off an entire army? Read to find out!
At the beginning of this book I was disappointed. It took forever to get to something interesting, but when it did I was hooked. 
Though Warner seems to be evil and manipulative, you can't help but feel bad for him. It is obvious he had a rough upbringing, and that he truly cares for Juliette. But she chooses one of his soldiors over him and leaves him behind in the dust. It was a well written story that kept you hooked until the end, and I can't wait for the next book to come out!
It sits at a four out of five star rating!

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time ;-)


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