Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

I'm sorry everyone, but I can't lie to you about this book... It was a back up book so I didn't have very high expectations, and yet it still fell so low below my book standards.
I have never really felt any need to read books on werewolves, or Guardians as they call them in the book, but I had heard good things about this one and the cover caught my attention. And to be honest, when I started reading it, it wasn't all that bad.
You have Calla, or Lily as her soon to be mate Ren calls her, Shay who she saved from a bear attack, and Ren Calla's to be mate who is the alpha wolf from a rival pack. 
Calla is an interesting character in this book because, though she tells herself she is strong, she always ends up giving into both men who want her heart. And don't be mistaken, she has never really liked Ren, their mating is something that the witches, or Keepers, are forcing them to do. Shay on the other hand is connected to her in a different way in which I can't really explain...
One of the things I really hated in the book was how easily Calla was manipulated by the males in the book. When she sees Ren she instantly falls into line with him, and when Shay tells her to do something that could get her killed she does it without too much of a fight.
Another thing that really bothered me was that you end up sort of liking and disliking both possible love interests in the book at more than one point because they are acting like stupid men.
Ren is always controlling of Calla which you dislike because he taunts her and tries to get on her nerves. While Shay is insisting that she go against everything she knows which would be certain death in her world.
By the time I finished this I was more than happy to see that my new shipment of books had come in and that I had some new reading material.
And though, if you like books on werewolves, this may be the book for you, it isn't my cup of coffee. 
It sits now at a two out of five star rating and I have absolutely no intention of rereading it what so ever. I'm sorry if I crushed your dreams on this book or if you have a different opinion...

Until next time ;)


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