John Dies at the End by David Wong

“So I just shaved half of the dog. I think she wants to look different when she is coming and going. That is one weird dog, David.” – John high on Sauce (this is not a direct quote because my book is out of my reach at the moment but I remember this sentence pretty well)
Hey everyone! I hope you are having a good Monday. This week I read John Dies at the End by David Wong. This was recommended to me by my roommate but I was hesitant to read it because it was in the horror section. Often times I try to avoid reading horror books because they freak me out. Boy am I glad that I decided to read this one. I was not prepared for the hilarity and nonsense that the book puts forward.

David Wong (the character in the book, not the author) is sitting in a small restaurant waiting for a reporter to come to interview him. When he arrives he prepares to tell him a story that is just as hard to believe as it is impossible.
We are taken back to the night it all began. At a gig for their band David and his friend John meet a Jamaican man who is high on some sort of drug. He is able to tell David what his future is as well as tell him things that no one else knows about. Creeped out by the guy, David decides to leave.
But later he is sucked right back into the whole mess when he receives several frantic messages from John that night while he himself is high on the drug. When David gets to his apartment John is acting very strange and is screaming about monsters in his apartment.
They head out to the diner where David receives an impossible phone call. Shortly after this John passes out at work. While David tried to make up for it he accidentally gets injected with some of the drug from the night before. Soon the police arrest David and take him and the unconscious John to the station.
He is told at the station that many people who have taken this drug that night (called Soya Sauce or just The Sauce) have died. He is then told that John has died as well.
While the cop, who looks a lot like Morgan Freeman, is interviewing him the other man in the room begins to act weird. Soon David receives a call from John, who is apparently still unconscious but not dead.
This starts him on a journey with others who have survived taking The Sauce to face off against a villain known only as Shitload. With strange white insects infecting people and killing them and a slightly possessed dog as their sidekick the head for Vegas as captives in the back of a beer truck.
What will happen if Shitload reaches Vegas? The only thing David and John know is that life can never go back to normal after taking The Sauce. And now the two of them have to fight for humanity.
WARNING: This book contains language, nudity, and other subjects not suitable for the younger audience. Reader discretion is advised.

I loved this book from the beginning to the end. There are actually two books in the one version I got (I think they are all like that) and the second takes over after the first. You have to read both books to get to the super plot-twisting ending.
If you like humor and a great adventure this is certainly the book for you. It also became a movie but after reading the book I doubt anything could live up to the craziness.
I rate this book at a 5 out of 5 star rating!
Have a great day everyone and I will see you soon,

- K


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