Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold

“This is dedicated to people who like a book to have a dedication page” – Dedication Page
Good morning everyone. This week I read Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold. This was sent to me by someone wanting me to do a review and after a long time of reading and writing a few things down I think I am ready to write the review.
It shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did to read the book, as it wasn’t all that long, but I have been so busy that it kind of took back burner until I had time. Either way it is done now and I am able to continue on.

Kitty Hawk is a high school girl living on the West coast of Canada. At a young age her father taught her how to fly a plane and since she has gotten a plane of her own. Now that the summer is coming Kitty has plans of a trip up to Alaska for the summer to observe the feeding patterns of Humpback whales in the area. After being sponsored by a local clothing store Kitty is ready and on her way to the north.
As soon as she arrives family and friends greet her. She is taken on tours and told stories of the native land in the area.
Things just keep looking up for her as she meets a nice boy who takes her to lunch. She even managed to catch a great video of a Humpback on one of her first slights out.
But something isn’t right on the waters of Alaska and Kitty might be the first person to notice it. In an area where gold miners were said to have once scored it rich that is now devoid of most life Kitty spots a boat. More than that, the boat seems to be weighed down a little more than it should with people on it. Could someone have found gold on the mountain and be trying to smuggle it into Canada?
Kitty, unable to resist her curiosity, decides to investigate on her own without telling anyone. Now things go from bad to worse for her as she comes across a group of young men far into the woods that are indeed smuggling gold into Canada. What’s worse, they have kidnapped her and are taking her as their prisoner.
Now Kitty must follow these strange men up the mountains of Alaska to get their gold. Once they find out she has a plane she becomes all the more important to them. Getting away in the forest is impossible.
Oddly enough Kitty soon starts making friends with the thieves. They teach her things about the forest that she never could of dreamed of knowing.
But things with the group are not what they seem. Are the smugglers really the bad guys here? And what will happen to Kitty once they have their gold and no longer have any need for her?

At first I didn’t know what to make of this book. It moved at a pretty high speed pace. It seemed like only a couple chapters in and the smugglers already captured Kitty. I was also confused about how old everyone was. The smugglers seemed to be older at first but then as time went on it seemed like they were the same age as Kitty.
I also found it odd how quickly Kitty came to like her capturers. Sure they were funny but they also kept her tied up most of the time and forced her to work for them without pay. But in the end it all seemed to work out for the best so I suppose I can’t really call it Stockholm syndrome. 
It was sitting at a 3 out of 5 star before but when I read the dedication page and realized how good the humor of the author is I decided he deserved a better rating.
So this book now stands at a 4 out of 5 star rating. Good job sir.
Have a great day everyone and I will see you soon.

- K


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