How You Read

Good Morning everyone! I hope your week is treating you well. Lately as I have been browsing different book stores I noticed that a lot of people have different style of reading. We all know that people like different types of books, and with those books there are different ways people like to read. I notice that depending on my mood I also read differently.
There are some days where I have the whole day to myself so I will put on some calming music and read from the moment I wake up to the moment I nearly pass out from hunger. Listening to music is sometimes distracting to some readers while to others it sets a mood for the story being told.
Another way to read is on the go. When I have a lot of work to get done or I am watching a movie or TV I tend to take a small break to read a chapter or two. The most effective I have found while watching movies on the TV is to read during the commercial breaks. For some people who are really busy this allows for a nice break from working. For others this proves to be too distracting or just not effective of getting into the story. (The most fun I had with this type of reading was reading the Harry Potter books while the movie was playing. I tried to keep up with the story during the commercial breaks)
Some people can read in the busiest of places and can just block people out such as in a crowded book store or on the train while traveling. Others must have complete silence to be able to get their mind fully into the story.
There are certain types of people who will spend a whole car ride reading while other, like myself, get sick trying to keep up with the story while the world is moving around you.
I am challenging you with this post to think about the different styles of reading you prefer as well as noticing what others are like while you are going about your day. This is a great way to notice other readers and maybe even try something new.
With the weather getting warmer (at least here in Canada) it is a great time to either go outside and read in the sun, or if you live in one of the warmer countries, hide inside where it is cool and get lost in a good book. 
Have a great week everyone and I will see you all again on Monday!
- K


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