Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantasky

Hey everyone, this weeks book was Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, which is quite the mouthful if I do say so myself. This book has been pushed at me from all my sites, my bookstores, and basically every advertisement I have seen on books. The ratings were high, so I suppose I had my hopes up going into the story. Big mistake.
The book was very rushed I feel, the main story almost being thrown violently at you. Let me try to explain it.

Meet Jessica, duh, who is waiting for the bus when she notices a strange man watching her. He says her name, but not the one that everyone knows. He says her old name. OMG, what? Her old name? Apparently she knows that when she was a baby she had a name, that her adoptive parents told her about, but now she has a new name.
Not even an hour later the guy shows up in her class, acting all high and mighty, and clearly knows nothing about high school at all.
Jessica, being a big baby, calls her mom to take her home because she thinks he is stalking her. Then her mom, seeing him, gets all friendly and announces that he will be joining them for dinner. What? They just met an hour ago and now they are having dinner together!
When he gets to her house he spouts a bunch of nonsense about her being a princess and not having to do work and gets all pissy when she tells him to get lost. Then her parents tell her that he is a vampire, she is a vampire princess, and that her parents were killed because they were vampires and she has to marry him to keep the peace... End chapter 3! (No really, this all happens within the first couple pages of the book)
As the book goes on Lucious, the vampire prince guy, begins to start disliking her, and liking the total mean girl in the school. But every now and then he decides that he still loves her but only wants to protect her by crushing her heart after working so hard to make her love him for real.
But she has to do this otherwise their people, all vampires, will go to war. Too bad he doesn't care anymore. Will she be able to make him love her? Or will we all throw down the book before we find out if she succeeds? I can't believe I read that whole thing in under a day. My head hurts.

The book could have been WAY better if the author had drawn out the whole thing instead of adding so many boring little details like the horse race, the dance, the basketball, the carnival, ect. I just felt that there was way too many things happening in such a small amount of time that I was becoming overwhelmed.
There was no real development of the characters, the people were not all that realistic, and the decisions that were made went by in less that a page. Picture 'I hate you' to 'I love you so much I might die' in under a chapter.
I have to give this book a 2 out of 5 star rating, because I didn't hate it so much that I had to put it down. But at the same time you might catch me burning it to keep warm in the winter. You certainly won't see me picking up the second book in the series.
Sorry to be so harsh on it, because it is obvious that this is the authors first work, and if it isn't then I am ashamed of the publishing company for not catching the crappy details. Give it a try if you are brave, and hey, maybe you will like it more than I did.
Have a nice day all!


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