Earth 5 by Hustin Lindenhall

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night to you all! I hope your week is off to a good start. This week (which is really last week) I read Earth 5. At first I found it was a little hard to get into the story, but I found that after a few chapters I was really enjoying the story. That is the first thing you must know about this book. 
Let me tell you a bit more about what to expect when reading:

Hustin lives in a cabin on the hill behind his grandparents house. While his parents live far away he chooses to spend his time while not at school hiking the mountain paths around his cabin. 
One day while on his hike he runs into a boy sleeping in the grass. The boy doesn't look like most boys his age. In fact he doesn't dress like boys his age and he doesn't even talk. Hustin isn't sure what to make of this strange boy so he invites him back to his cabin to eat a few apples from his grandmother's tree.
Later that day a girl from school (who Hustin has a bit of a crush on) shows up with her dad to help out Hustin's grandparents. When she meets the strange boy suddenly she seems to know everything that he is thinking.
She tells Hustin that his name is Astol and that he is an 'alien' if you will, from another dimension. He tells them that there are 25 layers of Earths in different dimensions and that Earth 5, our Earth, is the only one that is not in link with the others because so many years ago we decided to separate to see what would happen.
As far as Astol knows he is the first to come across the barrier and is very confused with the way Earth works. Where he comes from everything is natural and there are not large buildings where people live in and there is no government or currency.
It is up to Hustin and Tonya to explain how Earth 5 works to Astol in the days they spend together. While doing so they learn many things about the way the other dimensions work together and how different they are from everyone else.

My favourite part about reading this story was learning how odd the little things we do are in life, especially when trying to explain it to someone who doesn't understand it. The author had a very clear idea of how odd we are and explained it perfectly through the eyes of this alien boy who really knows nothing of our world.
While there isn't really a huge plot, with twists and turns like some books, the book was still enjoyable for its use of new ideas and different twists on what Earth could have been.
I will rate this book at a 3 out or 5 star rating.
Have a great day everyone and I will see you on Wednesday (hopefully).
- K


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