Wednesday Update!

Hey everyone! I am hoping this is coming to you on Wednesday. If not, then well the stupid machine isn't working properly. Whatever. 
If you are getting this message then thankfully it worked and hopefully you should be getting one on Friday as well. We are setting the internet up as I write this on Monday so hopefully it will all be installed before next Monday so I will be able to post another review.
This update I wanted to let all of you know that I am planning on changing a few things after I move in an have the time to do it. These changes most likely won't apply to the blog but will be upgrades on technology so to help move the blog along.
Here are a few changing/upgrades to expect:

1. Twitter: For the last little while I have been debating making a Twitter account for the blog so that people who aren't on Google or Gmail can follow the blog posts as they come. My cousin knows a lot more about social media than me and she has agreed to give me some advice on how and when to post. Hopefully I will be able to figure it out a little more since I am not so good outside of Facebook when it comes to technology. Even this blog site is relatively new to me.
2. Facebook: Since I am on Facebook quite a bit I thought I might make a page monitored by me on Facebook that others can join if they don't have Twitter. I know I don't normally go off of Facebook so maybe this would be another way for people to keep in touch with this blog if they chose to.
3. Giveaways: I have been debating for the last little while on doing book giveaways through the blog to a few lucky viewers. What has been holding me back is lack of information. I need to further look over the laws about giveaways considering I am giving away a book. I also worry that if I offer the giveaway I would be attracting people to the blog only for short periods of time that will never come back again. There are ups and downs and I am not yet sure if I am ready for this type of thing.
4. Possible Site Updates: There is a very small chance that I will finally be able to figure out how to properly work the google blogger and figure out how to add more pages properly and make the blog look more professional. This is another thing I may ask my cousin for some help with. If this does go through then you can expect quite a few changes to the site itself whether it become more complex or change appearance altogether. 

These are a few things I have planned for the next couple months. Whether or not I actually get around to accomplishing these, or whether or not they are possible for me, I couldn't tell you. Hopefully everything works out well for me and for you guys.
This blog is not just for me to vent my feelings on books of course, it is also for you people who stop by to read it. So whether you are a new reader or someone who has been following me for a while I want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the blog itself. If you have any suggestions on how the blog would and could be better, or if you have a book suggestion that you would like me to buy and review for you, you can leave me a note either in the comment section or in the contact form to the side. 
It is thanks to readers like you that I am able to enjoy reading so much.
Thanks again and happy reading! See you all again on Friday (hopefully)
- K 


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