Full Story Synopsis: Good Omens


Good Omens
When we start out we meet Crowley, the snake who gives Eve the apple at the beginning, and Az (his name is too complicated for me to use), who is the angel guarding the gates to heaven. The two talk and soon form a friendship, because Crowley isn’t all that bad.
Years later in the 21 centaury the two enjoy feeding ducks in a private pond together. Crowley is then called away by some demons (who don’t know he hangs out with an angel) and is given the task to take the baby son of Lucifer to start the end of the world. This make Crowley uncomfortable because he actually likes the earth.
At the hospital where the nurses are in on the baby switch there is a mix up when one of the stupid nurses accidentally mixes up three babies giving the baby to the wrong mother who names him Adam.
Crowley, not knowing about the mix up, meets up with Az who gets incredibly drunk with him. They discuss what they are going to do to stop the end of the world. In the end they decide to go help raise the child to teach him against ending the world.
So for ten years they help raise a little boy named Warlock, who was supposed to be the son of Satan. As his tenth birthday arrives they both await the arrival of the hellhound who is to be sent out on that day. But as the day draws on nothing arrives.
Az has to use some angel magic to prevent one of the children from killing everyone accidentally and Crowley realizes that in those ten years they have been with the wrong kid. They then both take off in Crowley’s sweet ride.
They hit a woman on the road and Az fixes her and her bike, which leads to a very humerous conversation between Az and Crowley. After dropping her off they realize that she left a very important book in their car.
Meanwhile in those ten years Adam (aka the son of Satan) has grown up to be a very normal boy with very normal friends. When the hellhound arrives Adam names him dog (he is ten) and the two then begin getting along well.
Also happening in a side story there are four people (war, pollution, death, and famine) who are gathering to go to a very specific spot to start the end of the world. They leave death and chaos in their wake.
Back to Az and Crowley who come to the small hospital in the middle of the night. They are attacked by teens playing paintball and Crowley turns all of their guns into real guns to get back at them. They meet the stupid nurse who mixed up the babies at the beginning and find out about the switch.
Az goes back to his bookshop and spends many days just reading. Crowley, a little lonely without his friend, tries to figure out how to stop the end of the world.
As Adam and his friend meet in the desert Adam starts to understand who he is and starts telling his friends how he will let them rule the world with him.
Az is contacted by the head angel in hell to tell him to get ready for war. Az tries to get out of it but some random cop shows up thinking he is a demon and he accidentally loses his body.
With the bookstore on fire now (for some reason) Crowley shows up frantic trying to find him. He then takes off with his car on fire to try to find someone to help him.
So Adam and his friends now have a disagreement and Adam freaks out. Then he realizes that he really doesn’t want to end the world and Dog agrees with him.
Meanwhile Az zips around trying to find a body ending up in many different bodies all over the world until he possesses a psychic who agrees to help him find Crowley.
At this time all of the horsemen, Crowley, the cop, and Az in a woman’s body all meet up.
Adam gives Az a new body and then tells the horsemen to beat it. He destroys all but Death who says he can’t be killed but doesn’t care what Adam does. He then leaves Adam and the others to deal with the head demon and angel who have come to start the war.
Adam forces them to leave and he is told that his father will be very angry with him. Az and Crowley feel awkward at the confrontation until the Earth splits open and fire pours out.
Az and Crowley, along with the cop from before, get ready to go into hell for the final standoff with Satan. In a very anticlimactic ending Adam simply snaps his fingers and everything goes back to the way it was before.
Later Az and Crowley are feeding ducks in the pond again talking about how they haven’t been bothered by either side since the incident. It ends with Adam being happy with his friends and Death walking by the duck pond and throwing away Crowley’s garbage.
Sadly this is where it ends.



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