Wednesday Update

Hey everyone, just stopping in real quick before I head out again. I am going to try to continue with the posts this week (mostly just on Friday) but I am busy with the scavenger hunt. So far my team is doing very well although I doubt we have much chance at winning when we are competing with so many other teams. Still, I would like to believe that we have a chance since the people I am working with are such amazing people. 
If I were to win I think I would be more excited to finally meet all of the people I have been working with more than the vacation it would include. 
Since I am doing this it also leaves little room for reading. But since the hunt ends on Saturday it will give me all of Sunday to read a book to do the review. I am hoping to get a lot done once this is over but since it is taking up most of my time I don't have the will power to stay up all night to read.
But I encourage all of you, if you aren't doing the hunt as well, to continue with your reading and going out to enjoy the summer weather while you have the chance.
So happy reading and I will hopefully see you all on Friday!
- K
P.S. Keep an eye out for team WindegoRunners!


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