Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry

Hey Everyone I hope you are all having a good Monday. To be honest I almost forgot that I had to do a review today since I am so busy competing in a International scavenger hunt. If you have heard of you might understand what I am talking about. But I remembered now right before I left to go dress up like a monster and run around town hall taking pictures in a Kale hat. Confused? Good, that's the point.
Anyway, this week I thought I would do another zombie book since I love them so much. I found this one and it had a few pretty good reviews. I was expecting another zombie outbreak novel but this wasn't like others I have read.
Let me tell you a bit about it:

Joe Ledger is not your average cop. He is skilled in many self defence courses and is looking to move up shortly on the ladder. When he is suddenly targeted by the FBI because of his involvement in a raid on a warehouse where he killed several terrorists, including one man who seemed almost dead, he knows something isn't right.
He is taken to a room where he is introduced to a man named Church who asks him to try out for his secret agent team he is putting together. In order to make the team all he has to do is go into a room and subdue a man.
But when Ledger goes into the room he finds it is the man he thought he had killed at the warehouse. In fact, he knows he killed him because he can see that the man is dead by looking into his eyes. Being dead certainly isn't stopping this man from charging at him and trying to bite him. 
Ledger, horrified, quickly kills the man again by breaking his neck/spine on a ledge. He then demands to know what happened to him from Church, who tells him that it is a new terrorist disease that they are trying to stop.
Ledger joins the team accompanied by a bunch of other men who he disciplines by beating the crap out of them. With that team they are instantly put to work to stop more of the zombies getting out.
Elsewhere in the world the terrorists have a plan all there own with what to do with the disease. And it is unsure who exactly is pulling the strings behind the operation. One thing is for sure, they plan to hurt a lot of people, and they haven't completed perfecting the disease yet.

This book was different than most zombie novels mostly because there were only a few zombies throughout the whole book. There wasn't an unexplained outbreak that lead to the end of the world. Instead the book was mostly about a group of highly skilled people stopping the outbreak from happening in the first place. 
That isn't normally the type of book I would go for but since I started reading it and it didn't suck I figured I would finish it. 
The author clearly did their research and the characters were well developed. They didn't skip over important details and they managed to keep on a timeline that was realistic to what they were doing.
It wasn't a bad book overall but I wouldn't read it again. 
Because of that I will be giving the book a 3 out of 5 star rating.
Have a great day everyone and Happy Reading!
- K  


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