Full Story Synopsis: Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera
An older man tells the story of the Phantom of the Opera as he grows into very old age. He tells how he witnessed Christine, a beautiful chorus girl, rise to a sort of fame when the lead of the show quits in a diva rage. The new investor in the theater where she performs is Christine’s childhood friend’s older brother. The friend’s name is Raoul and he tries to grow closer to Christine, but she just pushes him away.
There are rumors of a phantom who lives within the opera house and who stays in one of the boxes. He has a kind voice but no one has ever seen his face.
As Raoul tries to grow closer to Christine he finds that a mysterious man is stalking her. She accepts this man as he promises her many things. He allows her to hear her dead fathers violin played again. But many times when they think Christine is alone they can hear her speaking with someone secretly.
Eventually Christine disappears altogether after being pursued by Raoul one night at a party. When Christine finally does return safely she sneaks away to the rooftop with Raoul to tell him what she saw.
She says that the Phantom, named Eric, had taken her down in a labyrinth below the theater and across a lake to where he has a home. He kept her there and cried and begged her not to leave him again. He speaks of his love for her despite his ugly face. When she manages to get him to remove his mask he freaks out and says that she can never leave him again.
Eventually though, he does let her leave with the promise that she will come back to him again sometime. Christine tells Raoul that she has feelings for him and asks him to save her from the horrid man. What they don’t know is that above them the phantom is watching and listening to everything they say.
Christine once again gets captured for what seems to be the last time. Raoul seeks the help of the narrator because he has had dealings with the phantom before and knows how to get into his house without falling into the traps.
They manage to get into the house where they speak with Christine who isn’t sure she wants to leave because she pities the phantom. When they hear him returning the two hide in another room where they can still listen to what is happening with Christine.
But they soon find out, as the phantom turns on the light in that room, that they are in a sort of torture chamber where the heat continues rising. Christine desperately tries to get him to stop without giving away the location of her friends. The phantom then floods the room but both manage to survive.
The phantom then gives Christine a choice; she can either choose to be with him or he will blow up the opera house killing everyone inside but she will be free from him. She tells him that is he lets Raoul and his friend go that she will not only stay with him, but she will be with him willingly.
He agrees and lets everyone go before disappearing into the night with Christine. Later he tells his friend how happy he is that Christine could choose someone like him. He then lets her go and soon dies.
Raoul and Christine then marry and essentially live happily ever after.



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