Hey everyone, I am back online finally. Internet came and was set up yesterday but I wasn't able to get a review up on Monday because of it. To not throw off the natural schedule of the blog I wont be posting another review until Monday again so today is just another update to let you know I am back.
It seems like the posts that I scheduled to go up last week worked just fine as far as I know so I will be able to use that in the future. With all of our gear moved in now I will have some time before school starts in a week to read and do other things for the blog.
I am still looking into the laws behind giveaways and mulling over the pros and cons of doing so. 
So this is just a really quick update to let you all know that I am back now and that things should be back on track for the next while.
Have a great week and happy reading!
- K


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