Full Story Synopsis: The Mist

The Mist
We start out our story with the protagonist David and his wife at their lakeside home with their son. They see a storm cloud coming over the lake and David thinks it is going to be bad. Bringing his young son inside they decide to wait out the storm together in the living room where David has a good view of the lake. He sees funnels appear over the lake and tries to keep his family calm until the morning when they can check out the damage.
When they come outside in the morning they find that trees all over the place have fallen down and crushed their house, boathouse, and downed power lines all over the property. With the power going to be out for a while David decides to go into town to the supermarket to get some food for the rest of the day.
On his way out his rich neighbor asks for a ride into town and his son says he wants to come along as well. Seeing no other choice David takes them with him but notices a strange fog coming in slowly across the lake.
At the supermarket people are all over the place trying to get as much food as possible for their families with the power out. David gets what he needs and stands in the long line until the fog outside, which is almost at the supermarket now, catches his attention.
Many people stop and stare in silence at the approaching fog without thinking too much of it. Soon a man comes running in from outside stating that something in the fog killed his friend.
At first people don’t believe him that something could be out there. Then people start to panic and many people run from the store to get to their cars and go home. Not wanting to put his son in any danger David decides to stay inside the store where the fog can’t reach them. David’s neighbor thinks it is all a bunch of crap but can’t go anywhere because David drove him.
They stay inside for a while waiting for someone to come out of the fog. When no one does David decides to go into the storage area of the store to see what all they have. While back there he hears some strange noises coming from outside. He also notices an old generator.
When he comes back he tells a few guys about the generator and the noise. They decide to go take a look at the generator completely disregarding what he heard. They determine that the strange noise the generator is making is due to a clogged pipe outside.
David insists that they just leave it but a grocery bagger says that he will just go outside and unclog it for them. He tries desperately to talk the boy out of going outside eventually getting the whole group in the back angry with him. The boy ties a rope to himself and opens the back doors to go out.
As soon as the doors are open a large tentacle arm comes through wrapping around the boy. It attempts to pull him out but the three men grab on trying to hold him back inside.
The tentacle tries to grab the others and eventually the boy is ripped outside where his screams are cut off. The men shut the large door and chop off one of the tentacles that had tried to get them.
They all go back into the store and tell people that there is something dangerous out in the mist and that there is no way they can leave. Despite this many people still don’t believe him, including his neighbor, and the store is then separated into three groups.
David’s group believes what he says and decide to stay in the store until help arrives. His neighbor and a few other people refuse to believe what they are told and are debating leaving to prove them all wrong. The final group follows an older woman who claims that this is the end of times and that this is God’s wraith.
The groups sit together while eating some of the food in the market. David’s son stays right by his side the whole time.
When night falls some of the group start to make weapons like torches. One of the people has a gun. They start piling fertilizer and other things in front of the glass windows at the front to try to keep anything out or from seeing them inside.
As day arrives David’s neighbors group decides that they are ready to leave. Everyone tries to stop them but nobody goes for it. One man agrees to have a rope tied around him that he will take off when he gets to the end of the line.
They all go out and at first everything seems to be fine. Then the rope gets tugged all over the place and screaming can be heard. When they pull the rope back they fine it covered in blood.
That night strange bug-like creatures start landing on the glass just beyond the barrier. As the group figure out how to get rid of them a large bird-like creature swoops down and eats one. The group quickly retreats but not before one smashes through the glass and kills one the people on guard.
They manage to kill it by setting it on fire. Soon after that David is called to the backroom where one of his friends has found two dead army soldiers. It looks like they killed themselves. They hide the bodies.
David then has sex with one of the woman there in secret before returning to the group. One man approaches him and they note that the activity is most extreme at night and that during the day there isn’t much going on.
The man suggests that they might try to get across the road to the pharmacy to see if anyone there is still alive. A group of seven make it across the road before David realizes that everyone inside was killed.
Soon they find out what killed them when a group of mutant spiders attack killing all but three of them who then make it safely back inside. Once inside the crazy old lady manages to get many of the people in the store on her side and is calling for a blood sacrifice to appease the Gods.
Meanwhile David is planning his escape with a few others. He has figured out that the creatures outside may be only attracted by scent since they attacked the people in the pharmacy (with the doors open) and not the closed up market.
When they all go to leave in the morning they are cornered by the crazy old woman who demands that they give over David’s son for sacrifice. As she preaches a shot rings out and she falls dead. David’s friend has shot her.
Not wasting a moment the group grabs as much food as they can and make for David’s van. Most of the group is killed or run back inside but David, his new girlfriend, and his son manage to make it safely to the van where they are not attacked.
David tests his theory once more by stepping outside the car to grab a gun where a spider launches itself at him. It stops once again once he enters the van proving his theory right.
He takes off in the van passing closely to the market to let the others know that he managed to make it. Then he takes off for home to check for his wife. He finds though that the road is blocked and getting out of the van would be a death sentence.
So the small group takes off on their way heading south where they hope to get out of the fog. All radio stations they try are dead but they listen anyway in hopes that the fog is just blocking the signal.
David writes down everything that has happened to him and finishes the story stating that he may have heard the name of a town on the dead radio and it has given him hope. He tells anyone who reads the note that he is heading there before leaving again.



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