Full Story Synopsis: Dracula


When we start out we see through a diary style of writing a man named Jonathan Harker who has gone to a man called Count Dracula’s house to speak with him of his move to London. While there he notices that the Count that eat or keep any mirrors in his large home. Certain rooms are locked to him making him very curious. As time goes on he starts to realize that he isn’t being allowed to leave.
He tries to send word to his fiancé Mina that he needs help but the Count intercepts him. He meets three woman who live in the home who are try to kill him one night and begins to grow weak as the Count continues feeding on him at night.
He makes plans to try to escape.
Back in London Mina is writing in her diary how worried she is about John. Her friend Lucy has gotten engaged and is soon to be married. The two get along very well it seems.
Soon a ship called the Demeter arrives with a crew completely dead on the ship. The only thing on the ship is a large wolf/dog that runs into the forest the moment the ship arrives.
Through the Captains log we can see that while at sea that crewman started disappearing on the first night. People started claiming to see a man walking around on deck and many refused to leave their bunks after the sun went down. Eventually the captain was all who was left and knew that soon he would die.
Mina notices that after this Lucy begins to act weird. She even finds her sitting outside at night wearing almost nothing. There she sees the Count sitting on a bench but dismisses him to get Lucy home.
A local doctor, Dr. Van Helsing, offers his help to get her better by doing blood transfusions. For a time this works as well as having people sleep by her side and lock her door and window at night.
In a mental hospital run by a friend of Dr. Van Helsing’s a man who was eating bugs has started acting strangely. He becomes very polite and starts to show progress without any treatment.
Mina receives word that John has been found alive and is being treated at a local church hospital. While she is away with him she receives word again that Lucy has died after Dr. Van Helsing left her side for one night.
When both Mina and John return to London they meet with Dr. Van Helsing to tell him about what happened to John. John, Mina, Dr. Van Helsing, Lucy’s husband, and the mental ward doctor form a team (kinda) to track down the vampires and kill them.
During this time there are rumors spreading about a pretty woman who kidnaps children at night and attacks them. The group end up finding out that the woman is Lucy, now a vampire who kills children at night. They kill her buy staking her and cutting off her head.
Back at the mental ward Mina talks with the ill man who is very nice to her and commends her on her hard work. He then begs to be let out so that he won’t be killed. When he is denied he is then found dead a few hours later in his cell. The group is stunned.
To get back at the group for killing his vampires the Count begins feeding on Mina. Dr. Van Helsing manages to stop her from being killed but Mina has already been forced to drink the Count’s blood.
As the Count leaves to go back to his castle the group along with Mina go after him. Through hypnosis Dr. Van Helsing is able to get Mina to watch through the Count’s eyes where he is. It takes them a long time but eventually they manage to track him down during the day.
He is being taken to his castle in his coffin during the day by his friends. The group manage to kill his friends and then stake him before he can wake up in a very anticlimactic ending.
So there are no longer vampire sightings and Dr. Van Helsing returns back to his home. Mina and John are married and live happily together with no more vampire sightings.



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