Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all feeling well relaxed after the weekend. Last week I finished yet another Harry Potter book, slowly inching my way to finishing the series. As I have mentioned in previous posts I am enjoying the Harry Potter books more and more as I go along. This one was just as good as the last if not better.
It is evident that Ms. Rowling is improving her writing skill (which was already impressive to begin with) as she continues to write.

So Harry is back once again attending the world tournament for wizards with Ron and Hermione. He is enjoying watching Victor Krum (a popular player) take over the game and enjoying the last of his summer while still in contact with his God father Sirius. 
Soon danger finds him again as a group of Death Eaters (Voldemorts supporters) crash the games tormenting the muggles there. It all comes to a end though when a spell is cast into the sky to show the dark mark signifying Voldemort. 
Harry and his friends return to Hogwarts quickly after that to begin the year and are excited to find out that a long tradition called the Triwizard Tournament that hasn't been held in years will be held again at Hogwarts. 
Two more schools join in the games and quickly fill the school with students from all over. Harry and Ron are excited to put their names in the drawing until they find out that you have to be much older to enter. A few students try but it doesn't work very well.
A new teacher is on the scene too, Professor Moody, who takes a quick liking to Harry and his friends. Harry believes this school year is going to be very exciting for him, and he doesn't even know the half of it.
When the names are drawn for the school all three schools pick their champions. But in a surprise twist one more name comes out of the goblet signifying that Harry Potter is also going to be participating as Hogwarts second champion. 
There is an uproar within the school and Ron stops talking to Harry thinking that he went behind his back to enter. Hermione on the other hand believes that someone is out trying to kill Harry since the challenges have always been hard in the past and other Champions have been known to be killed.
Harry shapes up to face his three challenges with the help from his friends and Professors. But help is one thing while actually facing the challenges is another. He is doing well so far but he has no idea what is waiting for him at the finish line.

I really did enjoy the book and the length was just perfect to get all of the juicy details in. I enjoy watching Harry and his friends evolve from the small students who first entered Hogwarts to the competent wizards that they are already. I know that the next couple of books are supposed to be just as good so I can't wait.
To be honest I am a little afraid of what to do with my life once I am finished. I suppose there are other book series that are just as good such as A Series of Unfortunate Events, and with the TV show coming out soon I guess it wouldn't hunt to read those as well.
But that is for another time. Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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