Top 5: Books I recommend to read

1. John Dies at the end - I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again. This book is a whole new way of looking at reading. It is funny and full of personality. The plot twists that it hits you with in the first, and in the second book, will keep you on your feet and wanting more. Sometimes it even makes you question what you actually read the whole time and want to go back and read it again. Give it a try because I promise you won't be disappointed.

2. Good Omens - Funny without the need of romance, action or any other type of bull. An angel and a demon teaming up as old friends and sometimes enemies to try to stop the end of the world and doing a very bad job at it. Fans of Supernatural may get a kick out of this book.

3. World War Z - I put this on my top 5 zombie novels to check out but I am putting this here as well. I loved this book and I continue to read it over and over again because it is written so well. Even if you don't like zombie novels it feels more like an untold history while you are reading it.

4. Interview with the Vampire - Old but gold, as the kids say. I only read this for the first time a year ago but I truly loved the story. Surprisingly I found the main character a bit whiney but I enjoyed the side characters and thought that the story was well developed. I never really read on in the series but I didn't really want to.

5. The Labyrinth - This book was based on the movie but I still loved it. The different points of view you get to read that you never got to see in the movie are worth giving it a go. If you haven't seen the movie then this might be a great way for you to see it without being traumatized by it.


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