Full Story Synopsis: Interview with the Vampire


Interview with the Vampire
A young man is interviewing a man he met on the street. The man tells him he is a vampire. The boy is like, “K,” but when he runs quickly across the room into the light the boy can see for sure that he isn’t lying. He assures him that he is safe and begins to tell his story.
It starts back when he was younger just over 200 years ago. His brother was deeply religious to the point where he claimed to have visions sent to him from God. The man is happy to go along with this as long as his brother is happy. But when his brother tells him to sell his estate he lashes out at him. Soon his brother falls down the stairs and dies.
The man, wracked with grief, sinks into a depression and spends nights sleeping at his brother’s grave. He drinks often. It doesn’t take long for him to be attacked one night by a man who wanted his estate. The man introduced himself as Lestat, a vampire who would kill him by drinking his blood.
The man is then given the option to become a vampire, which he takes. As he turns he poops himself and then spends a whole night just staring at the stars because he thinks they look cool.
Lestat then moves into the estate with his blind father who he is cruel to. He takes the man hunting where he forces him to kill an escaped slave before stopping him after he kills him. He warns him that dead blood will kill him.
Later he tells him they can feed on animals and the man becomes angry at not knowing this before. As time goes on the man(who we find to be named Louis) and Lestat settle in and begin pretending they are human around Lestat’s father so that he won’t find out.
Louis strikes a friendship with a woman at a neighboring estate after Lestat kills her older brother. But while all of this is going on the slaves have caught on to what they are after watching them sleep in coffins and eat off empty plates.
One night as Lestat’s father lay dying he asks Louis to kill him. Louis goes to do it, and afterwards finds out that one of the slaves has been sent to kill them. Louis quickly kills him making Lestat angry about killing a slave. Louis then sets the estate on fire and flees into the night with his coffin.
They stay with Louis’ friend who lets them stay the day but when she finds out what he is she kicks them out with the threat of death. With their money the two stay at a hotel. There Lestat hires hookers to mess with and kills one before torturing the second. This causes Louis to freak out and leave after Lestat kills the woman.
Louis leaves to clear his head and comes upon a little girl whose mother has died from the plague. The girl asks him for help, which leads to him biting and draining her of blood.
Lestat shows up and mocks him for killing a human while dancing with her dead mother. Louis runs in shame causing Lestat to run after him calling for him to stop. Louis hides himself away until Lestat eventually finds him later.
He brings him home to show him that the little girl he almost killed survived. But because he took so much blood she will die soon. Lestat offers to make her a vampire like them.
After arguing for a while Lestat convinces him to allow him to do it. Soon after that she awakes as a vampire. Lestat knows her as Claudia and tells her about what she has become, even though she is too young to get it.
Over the years she grows older as Louis and Lestat’s daughter. But as time goes on they realize that she has become much wiser even though she is stuck in a child’s body. She starts to show love for Louis and hate for Lestat.
Once she realizes she will never grow up she snaps at both of them for changing her. She forgives Louis but says that they must get rid of Lestat, hinting that she will do something. She follows through and drugs him by tricking him into drinking dead blood and slits his throat.
Louis helps her dump the body but feels bad. Claudia assures him it will be fine and they make preparations to move to London in search of other vampires. But before they are able to escape Lestat shows up again not quite dead to get his revenge.
Louis sets him on fire and the two make their way to the boats as the house burns. They make it to London but they find it hard to find other vampires like them until they realize that the vampires here are monsters who kill for no reason with no minds or control.
Disappointed the two go to Paris where they meet up with a group of vampires like them. Only these people get their kicks by hosting a circus where they pretend they are vampires, which they actually are, and kill people as part of the show. They meet the head of the group named Armand who shows an interest in Louis.
As time goes on he gets closer to Louis and tries to push Claudia away. Claudia, being upset at being alone, grows closer to a young woman who makes dolls and eventually asks Louis to make her into a vampire as one last gift to her before she leaves him.
He changes her but as he is saying goodbye to Claudia the vampires from the group surround them and drag them off. They are brought before Lestat, who is still alive, and he tells them that it was them who tried to kill him. As it is illegal for a vampire to try to kill another Louis and Claudia are to be punished.
Louis is locked in a coffin until Armand comes to save him. By time he gets out he finds Lestat crying over Claudia’s dress. He finds out that she and her new vampire friend were left out in the sun to burn to death. Later that night Louis returns and sets fire to the theatre killing all but Armand who helps him escape.
In the later years Louis and Armand travel together but Louis is really emotionless the whole time because of the loss of Claudia. Eventually, in the early 1900’s, Armand tells Louis that he is leaving. Louis had guessed that Armand had killed Claudia and Armand leaves feeling very sad.
Louis then happens to see a vampire steeling a small child and follows him. He leads him to an old building, which used to be the one he and Lestat had lived in years ago. While he is there Lestat spots him through the window and begs him to come inside.
He begs Louis to come back and stay with him, as he is unable to cope with the changing world. Louis stays with him for a few moments before leaving. Lestat, afraid of the outside, is unable to follow.
Which brings the story back to where it started. Louis has completed the interview and the boy is outraged that Louis hates his life. He says that he would be a much better vampire and asks Louis to change him.

Louis is angered by this because he feels he hasn’t listened to a thing he said. He drains him of almost all of his blood and then leaves him. The boy, having lived, takes note of where Lestat was last seen and takes off in his car to find him.


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